financier fi‧nan‧cier [fˈnænsɪə, faɪˈnæn- ǁ ˌfɪnənˈsɪr] noun [countable]
1. BANKING a person or organization that provides money for investment:

• The firm has a value only if it is earning more than its cost of capital; otherwise, the financiers should have put their money elsewhere.

2. BANKING FINANCE someone who works in a financial institution and is responsible for particular investments:

• A successful corporate financier (= one who arranges investments in companies ) needs to be more commercial, more extrovert and more ambitious than the average number cruncher.

3. FINANCE a person who controls large sums of money and investments:

• The Hong-Kong based financier bought a controlling stake in the city's main fixed-line telecoms operator for $1.2bn

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financier UK US /fɪˈnænsiər/ US  /-ɚ/ noun [C]
FINANCE a person or company that controls large amounts of money, for example providing money for investment, or arranging loans to companies: »

The millionaire financier agreed to invest $500 million in the ailing company.

a retail/real estate, etc. financier »

The country's biggest real-estate financier estimates that Brazil needs 7.9 million new homes.

a commercial/corporate financier »

He's is a corporate financier for Citigroup.

See also CORPORATE FINANCE(Cf. ↑corporate finance)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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